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600 Watt Hps Mh Grow Light Kits

The vivosun grow light Kits are excellent alternative to keep your garden healthy and growing fungus-free, the Kits come with a digital dimmable grow light system, making them fantastic for on-the-go grow ops. The set contains six lights, which makes them basic to find and accessible when you're scouring for a certain kit for your garden.

600w Hps Grow Light Kit

This 600 w Hps grow light kit comes with a high pressure sodium metal halide bulb and a manual, it is sterling for hungry plants. The kit also includes a pot, so you can begin your grow right away, this grow light system comes with an 400 Watt power source, a Mh (modern home-upable power) and a wing reflector for helps angle the light towards your plants. It also gives a built-in dimmer to keep things simple and basic to use, the 600 Watt Hps grow light system is an excellent way for folks wanting for a digital dimmable grow light system. It includes a set of air cooled glass plants and shrimps, the grow light system can be set to run up to 600 watts and includes a Mh wattage indicator to help keep you aware of how well the grow light is working. This 600 Watt dimmable grow light system set is superb for an admirer who wants to grow plants in their home or office, the grow light system includes six 50-watt lightbulbs, so you can easily see and grow plants. Additionally, this system includes a Mh grow light bulb, so you can enjoy clear light all day long, this grow light system is top-of-the-line for an individual who wants to see and grow plants, without the hassle or hardware.