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Ac Infinity Grow Light

The Ac Infinity grow light is an 3 x3 grow light that can be used for 3 different plants, the grow light provides 36 x36 mounted on it for an 36-36 x72-inch grow camp. The grow light imparts 4 fan filters to help with filter production, the tent kit also offers an 36 x36 x72-inch area for storage.

Ac Infinity Grow Lights

The Ac Infinity grow lights are advanced grow system that allows you to grow crops with two plants, the grow system is 2 x2 and includes one plant, which can accommodate larger crops. The grow system can be attached to a wall or ceiling with four fan filters, the tent can be placed in an 24 x24 space and will generate enough heat and light to help your crops grow properly. This growth system includes 4"x4"x4"/6"x6"/48"x48" grow tents, these tents will grow your plants to a prolific size, allowing you to shin out your growing season with ease. The 4"x4"x4"/6"x6"/48"x48" grow tents also have built-in fans to increase the plants' comfort and the 6"x6"x80" grow tent grants an 80"x80"x80" cover, this grow system can grow up to 4"th of an inch, allowing you to grow your plants quickly and easily. The Ac Infinity grow light s are advanced grow light system that doubles as a grow tent, this system includes 2 x2 grown plants, 1 x4 grow plants, and 24 x24 grow plants. The grow light system can be set up in 2 minutes, and can grow mushrooms, cheese, or lettuce, the grow tent can hold up to 72 inches, and the 2 x2 plants can be grown on four sides of the tent. The Ac Infinity grow light strip is a top-of-the-heap substitute to keep your grow room digging blooming! The array of light blocks each provide lens to block out too much light or too many things at once, the three color corrective lenses make it facile to keep your grow room and bright.